US Radio Spectrum Interactive Visualization with Python and BokehJS

So, I recently came across the Bokeh visualization library which uses Python to generated plots, but they are rendered in JS (like the most of the great interactive visualization tools recently). I also noticed my fellow Twitter user took on the challenge to learn Bokeh over the next 30 days and post their results, so I decided to try as well.

I was hearing a lot about 5G coming to US soon and got curious about what frequencies will be used, and which are available. I did not know much about it so I searched and found this PDF infographics on FCCs website: There were couple of problems with it: it was too small and non-interactive, so I decided to make a better one myself.

The preliminary result is here:

You can scroll with your mouse wheel or swipe left and right with touch/pointer. If hover over the band, it shows the purpose of the band. Similar purposes were automatically colored into the same colors.